Cape Home Educators (CHE) and representatives from Liberty in Learning, Pestalozzi Trust, other home education associations, curriculum providers and interested individuals met with Mr. Deon Louw from the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) on 7 October 2021.

The meeting was called by Mr. Louw and is in preparation for the establishment of a Joint Liaison Committee (JLC). The purpose, objectives, and participants of the JLC is still under discussion.

At the meeting Mr. Louw gave a short presentation on the current laws and policies (both national and provincial) that govern the registration of learners for home education. He explained the process, spoke about the people involved and tried to provide clarity on issues such as curriculum choice, home visits, and a suitable learning environment.

The presentation and subsequent discussion high-lighted the need for legislation that is in-line with the practice of home education. In the last 20 years home education has evolved, and innovative methods of child-centered education has arisen and gained ground. Legislation did not keep pace and is completely outdated. The provisions in BELA Bill are also not aligned with the practice of home education and will not be an improvement on the current laws and regulations.

Representatives from other organisations raised the same concerns that CHE had discussed with the WCED during our series of meetings earlier in 2021. We appreciate their support in this regard.

CHE remains committed to engage with the WCED and the DBE in matters that affect home education.

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