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The SA law provides for home education and institutional education, including public and private schools (per definition also cottage schools and learning centers).

Home education is defined as education at the child’s own home. A child who is schooled at a place other than his own home can therefore not lawfully be registered as a home learner. Cottage Schools / Learning Centres are often mistakenly refered to as homeschools. For more information see http://www.tuisskolers.org/centres/learning-centre-information.html

Please contact Karin van Oostrum at the Pestalozzi Trust for more information on the legal aspects of home education.

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About CHE

CHE has decided not to ask membership fees since 2016 (Membership use to be R180 per family per year).  We hope that those who support homeschooling will join MY SCHOOL CARD and appoint CHE as your beneficiary. The funds we derive from this will enable us to keep up the work we do, and hold workshops and expos. My School Card will not cost you anything but will enable CHE to promote homeschooling.

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CHE is not a school. We do not take in children to educate them. We have no uniform, physical address or fee structure. We are a group of parents who volunteer our time and resources. We all homeschool our own children in our own homes and we love what we do. We also do what we can to support and connect homeschoolers.

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  • CHE maintains a legal environment in which parents are able to educate their own children at home.
  • We provide information on home education via our homeschool workshops and expos.
  • We connect  home educators.
  • We facilitate the annual SACSSA Athletics sports day.

Please follow us on facebook.

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