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Here are some general information that should answer most of your questions and get you connected with other homeschoolers.

The SA law provides for home education and institutional education, including public and private schools (per definition also cottage schools and learning centres).

Home education is defined as education at the child’s own home. A child who is schooled at a place other than his own home can therefore not lawfully be registered as a home learner. Cottage Schools / Learning Centres are often mistakenly refered to as homeschools. For more information see

Please contact Karin van Oostrum at the Pestalozzi Trust for more information on the legal aspects of home education.

If you would like to join CHE, membership is free. You will be informed of all our activities via our email list, which you have been added to, if you completed the Join information. Please do check your e-mail after joining as you need to confirm your subscription.

Here is a list of some great facebook and other groups that are very helpful in finding friends/resources near you: – Homeschool Western Cape – Tuisonderrig in Afrikaans – Homeschool yahoo group (for those not on facebook 🙂 – Homeschool exchange (2nd hand material) – Tuisskool koop en verkoop (Afrikaanse hulpbronne: nuut en tweedehands) – Fantastic website with all your homeschool questions answered. – Pestalozzi Trust the legal defence fund for home education – Dynamis offers seminars and personal consultations with families to determine what approach and curricula will work best for your child and your family.

Yada families – Francois & Suzanne Hattingh focuses on Empowering families: Their hearts are to bring families together and especially draw in NEW home educating families who need support, love and care!

Shirley Erwee has written two fantastic books on homeschooling in SA and has great wisdom and personal experience to offer. Her books are: Homeschooling the primary years and Homeschooling  High School.

“First Aid” for New Homeschoolers in SA

We realize that everyone can not homeschool. Homeschooling is defined when a child receives education in his/her own home from a parent. Tutors sometimes come in to help, but it all happens in the child’s own home. – This group is not for homeschoolers but for those looking for a cottage school as alternative. We give this information for those who are not able to homeschool their children, but advise you to contact the Pestalozzi Trust as this is not legally defined as homeschooling and the Education Department is not kind towards this. The Pestalozzi Trust can be contacted on  012 3301337.

We have a CHE athletics team that take part in the SACSSA Regional, Provincial and National athletic meet. The Regional meeting usually takes place in February, followed by the Provincial meeting (for those that qualify) shortly after and the National meet around September in Sasolburg.

More information available at Homeschool Expo. The Expo usually takes place around September/October each year.

If you would like to talk to someone, please contact Suzanne Hatting on

CHE is not a school. We do not take in children to educate them. We have no uniform, physical address or fee structure. We are a group of parents who volunteer our time and resources. We all homeschool our own children in our own homes, we love what we do, and we do what we can to support and connect homeschoolers.

CHE maintains a legal environment in which parents are able to educate their own children at home.
We provide information on home education via our homeschool workshops and expos.
We connect  home educators. We facilitate the annual SACSSA Athletics sports day.
Please follow us on facebook.

CHE has decided not to ask membership fees since 2016 (Membership use to be R180 per family per year).  We hope that those who support homeschooling will join MY SCHOOL CARD and appoint CHE as your beneficiary. The funds we derive from this will enable us to keep up the work we do, hold workshops and expos. My School Card will not cost you anything but will enable CHE to promote homeschooling.

CHE filmed our 2016 homeschool winter workshop. If you would like to order this very informative dvd, please visit product page.

A list of Afrikaans resources are available at the Tuisonderwys in Afrikaans tab.

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