Eisteddfod Options for Homeschoolers

Current options for homeschoolers to enter Eisteddfods are:

Stellenbosch Kunstwedstryd (http://stellenboschkunswedstryd.co.za/). Closing date for entries are in February each year. Anybody can enter.

Montagu Youth Arts festival (https://www.facebook.com/groups/montaguyouthfest/?fref=ts). Closing date for entries are in July.

Cape Town Eisteddfod (http://www.capetowneisteddfod.co.za/introduction_1.html). Closing dates differ for each category

Western Province Preforming arts. Contact Annelie de Villiers, 082 701 0662 or infoatpinkdot@gmail.com. Preforming arts have WC trials, Nationals and finals in the USA.

Tygerberg Eisteddfod –  (http://www.tygerbergeisteddfod.co.za/). According to info on their website for last year there is an affiliate payment for private organisations such as CHE or an individuals affiliate fee which people can pay.  Marietjie has more details.

Note: National Eisteddfod of SA (http://www.eisteddfod.co.za/), doesn’t cover the Western Cape (apparently due to lack of interest)

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