Regional Athletics Day Details:

• Date: 18 April 2020

• Venue: Tygerberg Athletics Club, Jan Burger Sports Park, De Grendel Rd, Parow North

• Time: 07h30 – 15h30

• Costs:  R160 (R170 for entries after 29 March) per athlete

– if you’d like to volunteer as an official / volunteer for CHE please e-mail us at

• Dress code: Plain white T-shirt with dark blue or black shorts (athletes will be given a CHE team sticker to wear on their shirts on the day.)

Children born in 2001-2014 may enter.

Please complete the online registration at

You need to send proof of payment to within 48 hours to complete your registration.

Please note that we can only accommodate a maximum of 300 athletes. To avoid disappointment please don’t wait until the last minute to register. Entries close 2 April, but should we reach 300 athletes before then, entries will close earlier. 

EFT payments can be made to:

• Bank: ABSA
• Account name: Cape Home Educators
• Account number: 4089098115
• Type of account: Cheque account
• Branch code: 632005
Reference: your e-mail address

Entries close: Tuesday, April 2nd 2020. We can only accommodate 300 athletes and will close entry once we’ve reached that number, which could be before 2 April. Please register early to avoid disappointment!

No late entries will be accepted!!!!

Google Map

General info:
1. Please ensure that you are at the venue 30 minutes before your child’s first event as you need to get the T-shirt sticker and the children need to be lined-up before being taken on to the field
2. It is a tartan track, which can get hot later in the day. Please bring tape plasters for your child(rens) feet, if they prefer to run barefoot.
3. The CHE will have an area to all sit together. Previous years we got the embankment (as we were the biggest “school”). Gazebos/umbrellas welcome.
4. We will only be lining up children aged 11 and younger. Older athletes should listen to the announcer and report to their own events. If you are unsure where to report, please ask at the CHE gazebo.
5. The final program will only be send out once SACSSA has received all entries. We will e-mail this to all the athletes once we’ve received it.6. Athletes only compete once (no finals are run at the regional meet)
7. The top 8 athletes from each event progress to the Provincial Meet on 9 May, again at the Tygerberg Athletics Club, Jan Burger Sports Park. You need to enter for this separately. We will send out results once it is available. 
9. No medals are awarded at the Regional Meet as this is only a qualifier for the Provincial meet.

Dress code and stickers

– White shirt with dark blue or black shorts
– CHE sticker on left of chest (please collect your sticker at the CHE gazebo)- Event stickers. Please note you need to provide your own event stickers. A separate sticker is needed for each event as the officials take these at the end of the event to determine placings.
Parents please ensure that athletes have their stickers on when they report for their events. Book name lable stickers works well.
Please remember to bring a sticker/label for each event your child(ren) will be taking part in. If you forget we will be selling stickers/labels at R5 each.
Please note the stickers for each child also needs to show their school (in our case Cape Home Educators). Example:

John Doe     10 years
Cape Home Educators
High jump

Age is their age on 31 December 2020 eg for children born in 2014 it will be 6. If the student is 9 turning 10 this year, he/she is 10 years old! AGE GROUP 16 AND 17 ARE ENTERED AS 17 (Youth). AGE GROUP 18 AND 19 ARE ENTERED AS 19 (Junior).

If you are unsure about the stickers, simply bring empty ones along. We will have a list with the age groups and events for all our athletes at the CHE table. And can help you on the day. 

We need to provide an official for every 10 athletes entered. We have added a R30 officials fee to the entry fee to rent officials. You are welcome to volunteer as an official and will then be paid for the days work.

Officials please wear a white shirt and white/navy/black pants.

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