At the end of July, beginning of August 2021 CHE conducted a short survey among home educators in the Western Cape. We received 152 responses and the results clearly show that the home education regulations proposed in the BELA Bill does not reflect the reality of home education. Here are some of the high-lights of the survey.

Parents are opposed to and reject registration that requires approval from an administrator.

Home educators work towards a long term goal of educating their children. They follow a child-paced, child-led approach which means that they often do not follow a strict schedule or the age-grade bands of school.

Home educators use various methods to assess their children’s progress. Here are some of the comments in answer to the question “How do you assess the learning and development of your child?”

It is relational to the tutorial style of HE
Continuous assessment through spending much time with him and he loves to tell me what he has learned.
Via their Cambridge curriculum 
When tasks are completed, it is easy to see if the information is being utilized and understood. 
Once we are done with a topic we do a test to assess the development of my child.
Through BIDC with 6 assignments per subject.
Through observation
Continuous assessment during the application after each lesson.
For maths and English we follow a curriculum and there is ongoing assessment as we follow a mastery model. 
Discussions around work, quality of their output and end of term tests (self-administered) for Maths and Languages 
By continuous informal assessment

There are many ways to show that a child is learning and formal assessments by a third party is not the only way.

Home educators chose to follow this path for a variety of reasons.
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