Meeting with the Western Cape Education Department

On the 22 June 2021, Cape Home Educators had a follow-up meeting with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED). The meeting was hosted online. The attendees included Marietjie Ueckermann (CHE), Tess Simmonds (CHE), Bouwe van der Eems (Pestalozzi Trust), Christopher Cordeiro (LearnFree), Advocate Lynn Coleridge-Zills (WCED), and Mr. Deon Louw (WCED).

The meeting followed on the one from 4 May 2021. The purpose of the meeting was to expand on the research-led information shared in the first meeting.

Cape Home Educators chairperson, Marietjie Ueckermann, outlined why the BELA Bill in its current form is problematic.

Christopher Cordeiro presented further information regarding the impact BELA Bill will have on home educators. This presentation highlighted the need for more in-depth research-led studies regarding Home Educating that could then be used for the shaping of Section 51 of BELA Bill. Advocate Coleridge-Zills, has agreed to further meetings with Cape Home Educators.

Later in the day, Marietjie Ueckermann attended her first meeting as our Homeschool representative at the Education Council.


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